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Blue Team Business

Improvement Results

Assessments Performed Annually

Annual Sustainment Costs

Total Time in Months to Design & Implement

Vulnerabilities Identified Monthly


The client requested help taking their Vulnerability Testing business to the next level.

We performed a quick assessment of their Vulnerability Testing Business.

It uncovered three similar services and products that needed consolidation and optimization.

Once we understood where they were at and where they wanted to go then we designed a plan.

And recommended that they convert their business to a Blue Team business.

Context / Action

We Designed and Developed a Blue Team Business.

We refocused the mission to perform technical and non-technical Independent assessments.

We did this by coupling Vulnerability Assessments with Information Security Auditing.

And providing that as a three-tier packaged service and product.

National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) defines a Blue Team which they thought about using…

So we used that but modified it to expand it’s capabilities for the customer’s use.

A Blue Team provides a third party objective review of their client’s Cyber space.

They not only look at the Cyber technical aspects but also the business side of things.

For us, if you have technical issues, you can always trace that back to broken business processes.

And even trace it back to poor decisions up the chain.

The Blue Team identifies security threats and risks in the operating environment.

We broke up an assessment into chunks to make it manageable.

Those were: Physical, Network, System Storage, Security and Software.

Each of those components have different TTPs and processes to assess.

The product to the customer were based on the Blue Team findings.

Also added value by having the expertise to help fix problems.

To get the word out we launched an aggressive Digital Marketing strategy.

We leverage email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.

All which led to great customer success. The customer grew their mission and client-base.

They were able to leverage the new business model to drive huge impacts in their industry.

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About Carlos E. Cruz



Carlos worked at the Pentagon as their Security Architect & Hacker for 5 years. He was a top level Government Executive working for the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Government Civilian GS-15. Which is the highest ranking Government Official before Senior Executive Service (SES). Carlos hand-built and implemented over 12 Enterprise-level Cyber programs; which equates to building 12+ businesses in the Private Sector. Combined he managed over 100 million in Government programs over his tenure.
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