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Red Team Business

Improvement Results

Advance Persistent Threat Missions (24x7x365) Annually

Total Time in Months to Design & Implement

Annual Sustainment Costs

Offensive Security Missions per year

Average of Unique Exploitable Vulnerabilities Identified Per Month




The client requested help taking their current Penetration Testing Business to the next level.


A quick assessment of their Penetration Testing Business reveled many gaps.


They wanted to do more persistent based missions… low and slow.


And use nation state threat actor techniques…


So we recommendation that they transform their current business into a Red Team business.


Context / Action


Once the client leadership approved the recommendation… we got to work.


The client had to get approval from the Government for all their work…


So it was a focus of ours to properly inform the right people in the right places… And most were from the three-letter agencies.


We had to get authority to perform this work or else it was game over… which was a pain in the ass. Tons of unnecessary red tape.


But… we adapted and overcame all that.


Thus our Red Team business had authority to emulate potential adversarial exploit and attack methods…


In DoD the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has these policies allowing teams to operate like this…


Thus, we aligned ourselves to this to provide some top cover.


We also aligned our business under a parent company as a subsidiary.


Which allowed us to adopt all the parent company’s business model, customers, policies and what not…


The parent company is a Cyber Security Service Provider (CSSP) so our business… thus our business enhanced their services and products. It was a win win for all.


We repurposed the penetration testers under the new business which they loved…


It allowed them to use their hidden talents in the light now…


We also made a joint partnership with the Army to get certified under them…


Which allowed us to service their clients and help them out.


The client position allowed them to service any DoD customer vice what they had which was their local customer base.


Our digital marketing strategy here was to leverage organic outreach.


We performed joint venture partnerships, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.


They client got help by their parent business which funded them 1.4 Million to execute.


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About Carlos E. Cruz



Carlos worked at the Pentagon as their Security Architect & Hacker for 5 years. He was a top level Government Executive working for the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Government Civilian GS-15. Which is the highest ranking Government Official before Senior Executive Service (SES). Carlos hand-built and implemented over 12 Enterprise-level Cyber programs; which equates to building 12+ businesses in the Private Sector. Combined he managed over 100 million in Government programs over his tenure.
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