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Design & Development of a

Security Architecture & Engineering Business



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The client requested help to develop a business that would be responsible for security…

Not all security but the technical part of it… thereby complementing the non-technical part of security.

More of a yin and yang scenario.

The client already had a business that possessed the following:

  • Information Assurance;
  • Computer Network Defense;
  • Intrusion Detection;
  • Forensics;
  • Information Technology (IT) Operations and Engineering;
  • Disaster Recovery;
  • Governance;
  • Among other things.

They had all that but no service or product which ensure everything was designed right and operating as intended…

Which is key to any Cyber business.

So we recommended to stand up a subsidiary Security Architecture & Security Engineering business.

Context / Challenge 

As you can imagine this was a multi-faced challenge for the client.

We worked to stand up a Security Engineering Service and products.

And also a Security Architecture service and product.

We offered the Security Engineering service as a package. Customers would use it to integrate into their business.

Thus their Security Engineers would work along-side client’s Cyber IT Administrators and Engineers. To ensure that each design was built with Security in mind from the start.

They worked with clients to bake Security Engineering into the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Not only providing a quick Return of Investment (ROI). But also increasing their Customer Lifetime Value (LTV).

Which if you’re a business owner you know that these are the only metrics that matter in business.

The Security Architecture service provided the highly-technical back-end support to the Security Engineers.

Also provided Security Design services to their clients.

Thus, they were not only executing at the operational level but also at the Strategic.

Security Architects worked with senior level C-Level Leadership… CISOs, CEO, CTO, CFO, Enterprise Architects and others.

They provided services to all DoD service components.

The Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, OSD, WHS, Secretary of Defense, and many others.

The Security Architecture & Engineering business provided architectural assessments.

This allowed them to understand each client’s business and architecture.

Thus identifying the gaps and then devising a plan to get them healthy.

More increase in Customer Long Term Value (LTV).

Our digital marketing strategy here was to leverage organic outreach.

We performed joint venture partnerships, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

They client got help by their parent business which funded them 1.7 Million to execute.

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About Carlos E. Cruz



Carlos worked at the Pentagon as their Security Architect & Hacker for 5 years. He was a top level Government Executive working for the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Government Civilian GS-15. Which is the highest ranking Government Official before Senior Executive Service (SES). Carlos hand-built and implemented over 12 Enterprise-level Cyber programs; which equates to building 12+ businesses in the Private Sector. Combined he managed over 100 million in Government programs over his tenure.
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