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Vulnerability Assessment Business

Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS)

aka Tenable Nessus

Improvement Results


Server Design

Network Spanned

Total Time in Months to Design

Customers Consolidated


The client requested help with enhancing their current Vulnerability Assessment business.

They were about to upgrade their Enterprise Vulnerability Management solution.

And wanted to do more for their clients.

They were upgrading from eEye Retina to Tenable Nessus.

Context / Challenge 

We worked with the client on the technical design of their Enterprise product.

Also, worked with them to design a scalable service and cost-model.

They called the new product the Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS).

Which is another term for the vendor solution called Tenable Nessus.

The client’s product is a software solution that has potential to be scalable to an unlimited number of locations.

Which is perfect for their new service model.

We helped them break down their service into manageable chunks:

  • Network;
  • Systems;
  • Storage;
  • Security;
  • And Software.

Thus offering packages to customers depending on what they wanted to assess.

The client was able to have their initial product deployment of 400 servers spanning 250 networks.

Their large architecture spanned throughout the globe.

Our consolidated approach centralized the management of many customer businesses.

Our digital marketing strategy here was to leverage organic outreach.

We performed joint venture partnerships, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

We also instructed the client to brief at symposiums, Cyber events and businesses.

The client was able to make the lives easier for their customers…

By focusing on managing vulnerabilities so that they can focus on their mission.

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About Carlos E. Cruz



Carlos worked at the Pentagon as their Security Architect & Hacker for 5 years. He was a top level Government Executive working for the Department of Defense (DoD) as a Government Civilian GS-15. Which is the highest ranking Government Official before Senior Executive Service (SES). Carlos hand-built and implemented over 12 Enterprise-level Cyber programs; which equates to building 12+ businesses in the Private Sector. Combined he managed over 100 million in Government programs over his tenure.
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